The Institutional Mission

To compete in a global economy, the United States needs more STEM graduates.  With only two hundred thousand STEM degrees granted per year and more than one million STEM occupations available and expected to grow 17% annually over the next six years, this is a national imperative that presents both opportunities and challenges for academic institutions.

The good news is that federal and private entities are rising to the challenge, investing billions to fund STEM-related research, workforce development and academic programs.  To attract more qualified students and ensure that they succeed, graduate and qualify for STEM careers, institutions must become student-centric. 

Pathevo® STEM is designed to help institutions meet these challenges and capitalize on these opportunities by supporting faculty advisors and administrators and providing tools that students need to become more directed.

Pathevo® STEM is a powerful decision making tool that delivers:

Enhanced Advising – advisors, faculty and mentors can leverage individual Pathevo® plans to guide students more effectively through academic major options, sample curricula and career choices.

Increased Retention – community colleges, four-year colleges and universities and secondary schools investing in Pathevo® send a clear message that student success is a priority.  The tenets of Pathevo® services align with factors shown to influence retention such as engagement with faculty, a sense of commitment to the institution and academic success.

Planned Success – Pathevo® enables students to assess and match their interests with academic pathways; explore thousands of academic and career options, set specific goals and build a personalized plan with defined milestones.



  • NASA
  • National Space Grant Foundation