Why Pathevo?

Pathevo® Helps Students To Succeed in Today's Competitive Workforce...

Only Pathevo® incorporates state-of-the-art STEM content integration technology with cutting-edge, validated psychological theory-based assessment technologies. These technologies help interconnect and integrate vast multimedia education, career and personal attribute knowledge bases. This patented integration technology enables Pathevo ® to rapidly generate personalized education-career scenarios and plans that evolve with the user from any starting point in time.

Pathevo® provides quick, personalized solutions to a student's burning academic and career questions. Pathevo ® solutions put the student in the driver's seat with up-to-date data on thousands of education and career choices. Staying on track has never been easier!


In college, students embark on a challenging and rewarding academic adventure. Of course, many students are initially undecided about what academic area they will focus on. And some will not remain in the track they chose at first. The possibilities seem endless...and decision making can seem overwhelming. College students are faced with the daunting task of figuring out where they fit into the world, what impact they want to make and what skills they will need. The decisions that they make today will have a very real educational and financial impact in their near-term future, and beyond.

This is where the Pathevo® service comes in. It's a powerful exploration tool to facilitate the decision-making process. When students want to explore an academic major, Pathevo® shows them sample programs of study and relevant career options. Students will be able to imagine themselves in various majors. The information is comprehensive, yet manageable, so they don't have to feel overwhelmed. After students declare a major and identify a specific career path, Pathevo® helps students explore real world work scenarios.


Information about post-secondary degrees and career paths is everywhere. Yet, many parents and students still experience considerable roadblocks and difficulties accessing comprehensive, personalized, and up-to-date information on education and career decisions. As a parent, what do you do when your child says, "How do I become a chemical engineer?" Are you able to give your child the information s/he seeks? Or, direct them to efficient career decision support tools and resources that can put them on the right career path? The Pathevo™ suite of solutions holds the answer. The Pathevo® system is the premier, one-stop, academic and career resource created to save students, parents and counselors valuable time and money. When students are allowed to explore career possibilities, they are more likely to be more focused, make well-informed career decisions and become confident about their long-term plans.

Advisors, Counselors and Faculty

Academic advisors and faculty face a real challenge: too many students. Not enough time and an abundance of information, scattered or hidden in different places. With advisors stretched beyond capacity, many schools are not able to provide quality one-on-one guidance to students struggling to make sense of available education and career possibilities. With students and parents surfing an endless web of disjointed, often disparate and incomplete information, gaining access to accurate information on career and education options quickly was difficult. Until now...

Pathevo sets a new standard, enabling you to retrieve career planning and academic information from one site. It cuts through the maze and provides access to integrated, up-to-date information on career and academic options in an organized format. Pathevo incorporates students' career and education preferences with their unique interests and strengths, yielding well-researched plans for informed decision-making. Pathevo® serves as the platform on which to enhance student-advisor interactions and allow for more productive and efficient advising.

Employers and Career Explorers

Pathevo® expands the awareness, requirements and benefits of careers to more students and at an earlier stage in their education.  It also improves employee-job compatibility and organizational competitiveness by integrating industry-tested inventories and vocational assessments. The net result is a significantly less chance of employee mis-hires, saving dollars and resources.

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