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Owen Software helps launch first national U.S. News STEM Solutions Summit

June 27, 2012


Rockville, MD – June 27, 2012 - Owen Software announced today that it will participate in the debut of the U.S. News STEM Solutions 2012: A Leadership Summit to be held in Dallas, TX June 27-29.  Underscoring its theme of “Open a world of STEM possibilities”, Owen Software will present the latest release of Pathevo®-STEM, the only education and career planning solution exclusively focused on STEM education and career planning.  Fully cloud-based and offered as software-as-a-service, Pathevo®-STEM is the result of 10 years of research collaboration with NASA, business leaders and the Higher Education community.  Now deployed across community colleges and universities nationwide, patented Pathevo® technology enables students to create highly personalized education and career plans to match their specific interests, goals and objectives.

Despite persistently high unemployment, hundreds of thousands of STEM jobs across the United States remain unfilled.  Owen Software, believes there’s a STEM job for everyone and has made it their mission to help educators, employers and community organizers connect students, employees and veterans with a world of STEM possibilities. Pathevo STEM helps college students work with their academic advisors to identify and align their individual interests with STEM careers and then guides them through planning the education and career pathways that will help them successfully achieve their goals.  Pathevo®-STEM is an essential resource for Community Colleges that seek to empower more students to pursue STEM certificates, degrees and careers. Veterans’ organizations, government agencies and workforce development organizations can harness Pathevo® to help unemployed or under-employed workers identify and pursue STEM careers by helping them explore the skills and training they need, then defining clear pathways from where they are to their ultimate goal.

“As we launch the first annual U.S. News STEM Solutions Summit, we’re excited to enlist innovative young technology companies like Owen Software that can help community partners, government agencies, educators and businesses connect STEM talent with STEM careers,” stated Brian Kelly, Editor and Chief Content Officer, U.S. News & World Report. “Not only is Owen Software pioneering technology to address the national STEM talent crisis but they embody the mission of leveraging American STEM talent to build innovative new products”.

“Owen Software is honored to contribute to this inaugural STEM event and to engage in a national discussion of solutions to our STEM talent crisis.  We all need to pull together as business people, educators, government leaders, technology leaders and community organizers to encourage more students to pursue STEM degrees and careers and to provide the career planning tools that can help them succeed,” said Dr. Adeboyejo Oni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Owen Software. “Our mission aligns perfectly with that of the U.S. News STEM Summit and this is a wonderful opportunity to join together to reinstate the United States as a global leader in science, technology, engineering and math”.

About Owen Software

Owen Software Corp. develops intuitive software technology and web-delivered software services to help individuals easily explore and create personalized education, career and employment pathways, starting as early as middle school and continuing throughout their academic careers through achievement of professional careers.   Copyright c1999-2012,Owen Software, all rights reserved. Pathevo™-Engineering 1.0 and Pathevo®-STEM are registered trademarks of Owen Software. For more information about Pathevo® or Owen Software, please contact marketing(at)

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