Pathevo® FEATURES 

Create your unique profile:

  • Assess your interests, attitudes and environmental considerations
  • Create a unique personal profile reflecting those characteristics
  • Automatically match your profile to STEM disciplines and majors
  • Create a target list of majors and careers to evaluate in depth


  • Explore detailed, engaging descriptions of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) academic areas of study, majors and degrees that match your interests
  • Search 4330 accredited two-and four-year academic institutions
  • Compare institutions by region, tuition, size, classification (two year, four year), and financial aid resources
  • Identify prerequisites associated with specific academic curricula
  • Research salaries, statistics and job titles for more than 1,000 occupations, correlated with areas of study
  • View videos and testimonials of the skills, abilities, work tasks and other practical aspects of the working lives of real people engaged in specific careers

Set a course:

  • Create a plan uniquely tailored to your personal goals and interests
  • Identify specific objectives, dates and milestones that advance you toward your goal of a degree or career
  • Choose the optimal pathway to take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow
  • Map out the academic programs, curricula and prerequisites required to meet your goal
  • Review, evaluate and modify your plan at any time

Administrators, faculty advisors and counselors:

  • Positively impact student retention by helping students successfully achieve their academic goals
  • Encourage qualified students to pursue STEM majors by introducing them to the range of available paths
  • Empower students to take control of their academic and career success by creating a highly personal plan
  • Optimize faculty time and facilitate advisor-student interactions by providing a more structured form of interaction
  • Heighten student awareness of STEM career avenues and job qualifications, improving employee-job compatibility
  • Differentiate yourself from competing institutions and promote yourself to prospective students nationwide


  •  Save time by searching online for colleges/ universities that meet your academic, geographic, financial criteria
  •  Create a personalized plan to get from where you  are today to your end-goal before you choose a major
  •  Compare alternate academic and career pathways and find the one that best meets your needs
  •  Learn about careers related to specific academic disciplines to find the job that matches your interests

Parents and mentors:

  • Avoid costly mistakes or delays that may result from a student choosing the wrong major or career path
  • Help your student navigate the maze of possible academic and career choices that often overwhelms students
  • Maximize the potential for your child's academic and career success

Employers and career seekers:

  • Expand the awareness of requirements and benefits of careers to more students and at an earlier stage in their education
  • Improves employee-job compatibility and organizational competitiveness, integrating industry-tested inventories and vocational assessments
  • Significantly reduces the chance of employee "mis-hires", saving lost dollars and resources
  • NASA
  • National Space Grant Foundation