About Owen Software

Owen Software was conceived by Dr. Adeboyejo Oni, CEO, and a team of scientists, engineers, business professionals and corporate partners who recognized the need to strengthen the national workforce through the formulation of individually tailored academic and career plans, particularly in technical fields. The company’s patented Pathevo ® solutions are designed to address these issues.

The Owen Software team began working on a prototype for a career planning solution to help students identify and explore alternate pathways to engineering careers.  Forging a strategic relationship with the NASA Space Grant program, Pathevo Engineering beta product was deployed to NASA Space Grant schools in four states.  Building on this experience, the company started work on Pathevo®-STEM, incorporating all of the science, technology, engineering, technology and math disciplines.

Pathevo®-STEM is now licensed to educational institutions in sixteen states throughout the United States, including high schools, community colleges and four-year colleges and universities.  Pathevo® delivers a unique education and career planning web service that integrates psychological theory-based assessment technologies with cutting-edge content and knowledge bases, enabling students to generate personalized education-career pathways and actionable plans to help them achieve their goals while avoiding costly mistakes. 

  • NASA
  • National Space Grant Foundation